Welcome to Alécio Costa Mastering!

Thanks to everyone in Brazil and around the globe for your support over the last 25 years!

We have established a strong mastering and mix advising partnership with associated recording studios, mixing engineers, producers and artists from 70% of the giant Brazil.

Clients from the U.S.A, Canada, Austria, Germany, China and Switzerland have been also using our mixing advising and mastering services.

Top Analog gear, the latest digital tools along with a comfortable and creative musical space, hundreds of satisfied clients and reasonable rates let us build a very strong reputation on the market.

We have developed a unique mastering method, which provides the best mastering results as possible. We start working helping the client fine tune his mixes, when possible and if permitted, using our full technical report procedure.

More than 600 albums have been mastered. A few awards were received, like “Gold Record in 2012 and 2013” for the São Paulo Carnival CD releases, several artists nominated for local prestigious awards such as “ Promises Trophy Awards” (Troféu Promessas) at cathegories like Best Gospel Hard Rock DVD of The Year: Band Metal Nobre.

In 2011, Alécio Costa was voted at the “Audio Awards” (Prêmio do áudio/AES) among the TOP3 Finalist Mastering engineers.

In 2013, Alécio Costa was the fourth Brazilian mastering engineer approved by Apple U.S.A to enter the MfiT (mastered for itunes) team.

Alécio Costa is also known for his contributions in the beta-test team of PSP (Poland), helping improve and creating presets for widely known plugins such as the PSP Vintage Warmer and the Old Timer .

Also, Alécio Costa is frequently invited to present Music Production, Recording and Mixing seminars at local universities and Pro Audio events, featuring the AES 2011/SC.

Besides being a full time mastering engineer, Alécio Costa is also a professional musician, recording artist and music producer. Graduated in Electric Engineering, Alécio Costa is post-graduated in Power Electronics.